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Fermiamo ACTA e FAVA (la SOPA italiana)

24th January 2012 in Thoughts

E' arrivato il momento di dire BASTA! Dobbiamo agire per fermare questi tentativi di legislazioni antidemocratiche e liberticide che mirano al controllo dell'informazione e alla censura!


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Criptography for everyone

9th January 2012 in Thoughts

On Saturday 21st of January 2012 the guys at will host a talk about PGP (GnuPG) criptography in Rome and they will guide new users to learn how to protect their data.

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Presenting Nodeshot at Open Terni Festival 2011

21st October 2011 in Thoughts

I am very happy to announce (with a bit of delay) that next sunday i'll present Nodeshot, an open source project in which I started contributing this summer, at the Open Terni Festival 2011, a festival about the open source world organized in Terni, Italy...

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Connected to Ninux Open Wireless Community

16th June 2011 in Thoughts

I'm happy to announce that this sunday I finally became a backbone node of the most active italian open wireless lan: Ninux!

Building the node required a lot of effort, especially to solve the problems of the ethernet and power cables, but it was worth it!

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Building a wireless network in Rome with Ninux

10th June 2011 in Thoughts

In this blog post I want to share with the world a video that shows the installation of a new node of a wireless community network in Rome, Italy.

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When Lamers get Social: Fake Twitter Mails

9th June 2010 in Thoughts

The web-world evolves and grow esponentially every day, web-designers and web-developers have to stay up to date in order to be competitive in their field. But designers and developers are not the only professionals who work in the web industry and no I am not talking about SEOs, Social Media Experts or whatever new definition has just come out.

In this post I want to talk about lamers. Did you think about it? Lamers also got to stay up to date with the continous growing of the web! Infact they just joined twitter and if you also received a mail like this one below it means that...

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Hello World!

3rd May 2010 in Thoughts

Today 3rd of May 2010 is a great day, my new web-site is finally online!

I've spent the last two nights of the weekend in setting up the server and fixing the last bits but now I am done and very satisfied.

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