Google Code-In 2017 a success story

25th July 2018 in Thoughts Tags: google-code-in, open-source, openwisp

My first experience as organization administrator and mentor for the Google Code-In 2017 with OpenWISP has been incredibly good.

The program required a considerable amount of effort because the amount of young students that approached OpenWISP was a lot higher than what I expected, but I'm glad I did this because it allowed me to grow a lot and get to meet many talented and very young programmers.

Thanks to Google I've also been able to meet my best students!

And of course the certificate of appreciation is like a medal that I'm proud to stick on my chest.

I have to thank the people who run the Google Open Source Program Office, they have been doing an incredible job during these years to help the open source community thrive. I'm really happy to have been an active participant!



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  2. Hi Amad, for any question regarding OpenWISP, use one of the support channels:

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