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5th April 2010 in Coding Tags: nemesisdesign, web-development

It never took me so much time to build a web-site in my life.

I started to work on this web-site in the summer of 2008 but unfortunately, due to high amount of work and personal problems I've never had time to finish it. Recently I finally had the chance to finish it but unfortunately I didn't like the original design anymore, so I redesigned it again. 

Now I am almost close to launch it and I am very satisfied.

This web-site has been an interesting experience in which I've been training intensively with Python, Django and JQuery. It's main purpose is to be a way to get in contact with creative and talented people. Unlike I did in the past, this time I am not insisting to advertise my services, nor giving away my email or phone, because I don't want to be contacted by strangers who want me to do free quotes for them and expect ridicolous prices for complex web-sites.

The design of this web-site emphasizes the portfolio and the blog. It's grunge but at the same time minimal style makes it difficult to browse for inexperienced users: I want to target only people who understand web-sites, blogs, web-design, programming and related subjects.

This is my first time in which I try to build a personal web-site completely in english so if you find any grammar error please tell me by leaving a comment or dropping me an email.

Thanks for passing by!



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