• Name: Tina Cutler Holistics

    Url: http://www.tinacutlerholistics.com/

    Year: 2011

    Task: Joomla

  • Name: HydroHolistic

    Url: http://www.hydroholistic.com/

    Year: 2010

    Task: Wordpress

  • Name: Secret Villas

    Url: http://www.ibizasecretvillas.com/

    Year: 2010

    Task: Django

  • Name: Mal's E-commerce

    Url: http://www.mals-e.com/

    Year: 2009

    Task: PNG to XHTML + CSS

  • Name: Joomlashow

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    Year: 2007

    Task: Joomla

  • Name: Santa's Scooter

    Url: /static/santa-scooter/

    Year: 2008

    Task: Flash

Tina Cutler Holistics

Client: Christina Maria Cutler

URL: http://www.tinacutlerholistics.com/

Year: 2011

Skills involved: Web-site Design, Frontend Development, Joomla, SEO, Photography

Project details

Tina Cutler is an alternative practicioner specializing in vibrational medicine and Reiki. Since the first meeting I had with her Tina has been very clear: she wanted her web-site not only to have an unique look but she also wanted to be sure it would feel personal, warm and not too commercial.

After a few more conversations with her I've been able to understand the business goals of this project and Tina's design tastes.

Here's the list of the business goals:

  • to promote the healing treatments done by Tina Cutler;
  • to promote retreats organized by Tina Cutler;
  • to promote products sold by Tina Cutler;
  • to be informative.

And these are Tina's design tastes:

  • The design has to conveys emotions like oness, calmness, universal energy and life force;
  • The design shall feature organic elements and textures that recall the idea of nature;
  • The design should not convey emotions like coldness, fear, emptyness and any other feeling that recall the idea of medical clinics or pharmaceutical companies;
  • The design should not look too commercial;
  • The design should target a wide range of population of age older than 20, which is able to read english.

After some research and brainstorming I came up with the design you can see in the screenshots and Tina was very happy about it. After a couple of small changes the design was ready to be converted in a performant and SEO optimized web-site based on the Joomla CMS. The website also has an e-commerce where Tina sells her TLC remedies. 

For this project I also did a photo shoot to get the product shots featured in the "products" section.

Softwares and Libraries used:

Photoshop Php Joomla JQuery

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