• Name: Tina Cutler Holistics

    Url: http://www.tinacutlerholistics.com/

    Year: 2011

    Task: Joomla

  • Name: HydroHolistic

    Url: http://www.hydroholistic.com/

    Year: 2010

    Task: Wordpress

  • Name: Secret Villas

    Url: http://www.ibizasecretvillas.com/

    Year: 2010

    Task: Django

  • Name: Mal's E-commerce

    Url: http://www.mals-e.com/

    Year: 2009

    Task: PNG to XHTML + CSS

  • Name: Joomlashow

    Url: http://www.joomlashow.it/

    Year: 2007

    Task: Joomla

  • Name: Santa's Scooter

    Url: /static/santa-scooter/

    Year: 2008

    Task: Flash


URL: http://www.joomlashow.it/

Year: 2007

Skills involved: Brand Design, Front-end Coding, Joomla, Php, SEO

Project details

Joomlashow is an idea I had back in the end of 2007 when the Joomla CMS started to become popular in Italy. Back then there wasn't any italian directory dedicated to sites made with Joomla, so I made one.

After a while I started to write blog posts, articles, template reviews and tutorials.

This web-site is my way to say "Thank you" to the open source community. Here I try to help out people starting to use Joomla for their web-sites, not only answering to the comments left in the articles but also through a forum.

Joomlashow is without doubt one of the most popular italian web-sites about Joomla with a traffic of approximately 30.000 absolute unique visitors per month. I've been working hard on the content and on the selection of the web-sites published in the directory, deleting manually the whole mass of spam the web-site receive every day.

Joomlashow is also a costant experiment field for me, here is where I train my blogging and SEO skills and I can affirm to be  satisfied: a considerable amount of people find Joomlashow really useful, Google included, try to look for "Joomla" on Google Italy (be sure to be at google.it) and you will find me in one of the first 7 places.

I'm planning a complete redesign of the web-site for the near future.

Softwares and Libraries used:

Fireworks Php Joomla

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