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TLC Remedies Product Shots

11th June 2011 in Photography

Product shots done for a project I'm currently working on. Check it out!

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Sunrise Aguas Blancas Ibiza 10/10

23rd October 2010 in Photography

These photo were taken on 9th October in the early morning to catch the sun rising in Aguas Blancas Beach.

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50+ Stunning Photos of Es Vedrà, Ibiza

15th September 2010 in Photography

Es Vedrà is a giant rock island situated in the south-west part of Ibiza, a true natural spectacle that became one of the symbols of the beautiful white island.

Is very well known to be a place with a very strong magnetic field and for this reason it became subject of many legends and myths, like saints having revelations while meditating, UFO sighting just to name a few.

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