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TLC Remedies Product Shots

11th June 2011 in Photography

Product shots done for a project I'm currently working on. Check it out!

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Sunrise Aguas Blancas Ibiza 10/10

23rd October 2010 in Photography

These photo were taken on 9th October in the early morning to catch the sun rising in Aguas Blancas Beach.

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50+ Stunning Photos of Es Vedrà, Ibiza

15th September 2010 in Photography

Es Vedrà is a giant rock island situated in the south-west part of Ibiza, a true natural spectacle that became one of the symbols of the beautiful white island.

Is very well known to be a place with a very strong magnetic field and for this reason it became subject of many legends and myths, like saints having revelations while meditating, UFO sighting just to name a few.

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  1. @Facundo: glad it helped you achieving a good result! :-)

    By Federico in How to speed up tests with Django and PostgreSQL

  2. Thank you! With those settings for Postgres my tests now run in 10 seconds instead of 40.

    By Facundo in How to speed up tests with Django and PostgreSQL

  3. Even though I agree that mandatory migrations have complicated things quite a bit, I believe you must be doing something wrong, because my tests now run very fast.

    By Federico in How to speed up tests with Django and PostgreSQL

  4. IMHO, making migrations mandatory has seriously damaged the ability to do TDD in Django. Using --keepdb can reduce the time *between* tests but in my experience it doesn't decrease the time to *start* your test suite which has now become much longer due to ...

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  5. I've designated the new location to where the file should be uploaded and that works great! But, in my template, when I try to display the image, it doesn't work? I had originally been using src="{{STATIC_URL}}upload/{{ dataset.dataset_image }}" but, now that ...

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