50+ Stunning Photos of Es Vedrà, Ibiza


15th September 2010 in Photography Tags: creativity, ibiza, inspiration

Es Vedrà is a giant rock island situated in the south-west part of Ibiza, a true natural spectacle that became one of the symbols of the beautiful white island.

Is very well known to be a place with a very strong magnetic field and for this reason became subject of many legends and myths, like saints having revelations while meditating and UFO sighting just to name a few.

I also heard that Es Vedrà works like a magnet to attract or reject people. Have you ever heard the story that says "Ibiza it absorbs you or it kicks you away"? well I can affirm I found this true... Ibiza is one of those places you fall in love with or you hate it (or Ibiza hates you and it kicks you away). Well some people claim the giant rock is the cause of this mass attraction and rejection game.

Fishermen affirm compasses don't work in the near area and I can confirm that my car radio goes mad every time I drive in the south west area of the island, sometimes I can even listen to radio stations from other countries!

What is without any doubt true about Es Vedrà is that is absolutely stunning and fascinating. No doubt one of the must see things in Ibiza.
If you want to go I suggest going to Cala D'Hort, Cala Vadella and Torre Des Savinar (also known as Torre del Pirata).

In this post I've collected more than 50 stunning photos of Es Vedrà.

Update 19 September 2010:

Bytheway if you want to know more about the legends surrounding Es Vedrà check out this article: Legends of Es Vedrà

Batalla de luz - Es Vedrá - Ibiza 2009 Eivissa

Es Vedrá Moonset. explore !!

Requete Es Vedrá - Ibiza 2010 Eivissa

pano es vedra B&W

Atardece en Es Vedra

Siempre igual, siempre diferente - Es Vedra - Ibiza 2009 Eivissa

Es Vedra

Es Vedrá al natural - Ibiza 2009 Eivissa

Es Vedrà and the Sun

Este es mi momento

Es Vedra & Es Vedranell

Me teneis encendida!! Ibiza 2009 Eivissa

Es Vedrà between Night and Day

Hdr 5 Raws Cala D'Hort - Eivissa 2008 Ibiza - Es Vedra

Atardecer en Es Vedra

Tragedy - Es Vedrá - Ibiza 2009 Eivissa

Eivissa Es Vedra 2009

Es Vedra en primer plano - Hdr

Es Vedra 081008

Wrong way - Es Vedra - Ibiza 2009 Eivissa

Posta de sol en es Vedrà

La Vie en Rose - Ibiza 2009 Eivissa - Es Vedra

Pano Es Vedra

Un nuevo día - Es Vedrá - Ibiza 2009 Eivissa

Es Vedrà (Mai falla) - Explore

En ocasiones veo muertos..... Es Vedrá 2009 Eivissa - Ibiza

Es Vedra 081008-8

Todos los caminos llevan a... Es Vedrà (Explore)

Es vedra HDR

Panoramica Es Vedra robado - IBIZA 2008 EIVISSA

Puesta en Es Vedra

Es Vedra, Es Vedrenell i Pedres

Ibiza - Es Vedrá - Puesta de Sol

Es Vedrá

Es vedra..

Es Vedra 081008-6

puesta de sol detras de Es Vedra

Es Vedrà

Es vedra

Es Vedrá Sunset V2

Atardecer en Es Vedrá v1.0

Es Vedra, te voy a gastar... jeje

Es Vedrá!

Es Vedra 2008 Ibiza Eivissa

Varadero Es Vedra

Es Vedra (Explore

primeras luces sobre es vedrá

Impresionante Es vedra

Es Vedra nunca falla - Ibiza 2009 Eivissa




  1. 1.

    clubbing holidays said:

    ( on 20th of March 2011 at 09:20 )

    Beautiful, I need to visit when I go this year.

  2. 2.

    Ryan said:

    ( on 22nd of March 2011 at 13:44 )

    These photos are absolutely stunning. I try to travel as much as possible because images like this will never be forgotten. I have seen some beautiful places in my lifetime, but never these. They are definitely getting put on my list for future adventures. Thanks for sharing!

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