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13th March 2017 in Coding Tags: openwisp

I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding OpenWISP 2 lately, many people have started to write me privately for questions of all sorts.

I try to answer to questions on the public mailing list as much as I can but I don't think it's right to offer free private support.

At the same time, I understand there may be individuals or companies which need this kind of private support and are willing to pay for it. This way they can also support the development and improvement of OpenWISP.

So if you are interested in commercial support for OpenWISP, consultations regarding OpenWISP 2 or anything related to these subjects, you can get in touch with me.



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  2. I got very good results with this, thanks for sharing.

    By Yasir Atabani in How to speed up tests with Django and PostgreSQL

  3. Hi Amad, for any question regarding OpenWISP, use one of the support channels:

    By Federico Capoano in How to install OpenWISP

  4. Sir please guid , i have install the ansible-openwisp2 , now how to add the access points . What is the next procedure . Please help.

    By Ahmad in How to install OpenWISP

  5. Hi Ronak, for any question regarding OpenWISP, use one of the support channels:

    By Federico Capoano in netjsonconfig: convert NetJSON to OpenWRT UCI

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