django-x509: a reusable django app for PKI management

23rd September 2016 in Coding Tags: cryptography, django, open-source, openwisp, python

Latelly I came across the need of a django app to manage a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), with particular attention for managing Certification Authorities and x509 Certificates via the django admin.

I needed this feature in order to implement automatic management of VPN client certificates for OpenWISP 2 (which is based on python and django).

At first I've looked at existing solutions, but I didn't find an app that was simple to integrate in a large project, that would let users manage CAs via the django-admin and that was compatible with django 1.10.

For the previous reasons I wrote django-x509, which implements a basic features of a Public Key Infrastructure.

The main features of django-x509 are:
  • create, edit and delete Certification Authorities
  • import existing Certification Authorities
  • create, edit and delete end entity x509 certificates
  • import existing end entity x509 certificates
  • revocation of end entity certificate
  • CRL view for each Certification Authority (which can be public or protected)
  • possibility to specify x509 extensions on each certificate

All these features of django-x509 can be used via the django-admin.

The app is intentionally simple, it implements only the most basic features needed to easily generate Certification Authorities and x509 certificates, but I hope it will improve over time and be helpful to other projects or organizations that share a similar need.



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  1. Hi Amad, for any question regarding OpenWISP, use one of the support channels:

    By Federico Capoano in How to install OpenWISP

  2. Sir please guid , i have install the ansible-openwisp2 , now how to add the access points . What is the next procedure . Please help.

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  3. Hi Ronak, for any question regarding OpenWISP, use one of the support channels:

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  4. Hi, I have installed openwisp controller using ansible playbook. Now, i am adding the configurations automatically using OPENWRT devices in openwisp file by specifying shared_key so can you suggest me if I want to set limit to add configuration how can i do it?

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  5. Hi Julio! I missed your comment a few years ago but I'm glad you are working with OpenWISP, I'll try to reach you in private :-)

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