Automate OpenWRT/LEDE firmware generation with Ansible

2nd December 2016 in Coding Tags: ansible, lede, open-source, openwisp, openwrt

Jump straight to the code: ansible-openwisp2-imagegenerator.

If you are using OpenWRT, LEDE or OpenWISP2, chances are high you may be compiling different images for different organizations (different clients, different no-profit organizations, different community networks) and different flavours (full-featured, minimal, mesh-network specific, ecc).

If you are doing so, you may have incurred in the problem of keeping track of the configuration of the various images you create over time.

For configuration in this case I mean which packages are included, which architectures are supported, which customizations are enabled (eg: BusyBox settings) and so on.

I have this problem and to cope with it I wrote an ansible role that is specific for OpenWISP2, but I paid attention to make it enough flexible so it can be reused in different contexts where automating the generation of firmwares based on OpenWRT or LEDE via ansible makes sense.

Here's the repository: ansible-openwisp2-imagegenerator.

By keeping the configuration of the firmware generation in YAML files, it's easier to track down the how a specific image was generated, builds are versioned and the process is highly configurable.

It is also easy to add new clients/organizations to your build system, just add the details in the YAML, run your builds again and you are ready to go.



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  4. Hi Amad, for any question regarding OpenWISP, use one of the support channels:

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  5. Sir please guid , i have install the ansible-openwisp2 , now how to add the access points . What is the next procedure . Please help.

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