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Nice Skip Links Appearing on :focus with CSS

1st October 2010 in Accessibility

Skip links, also known as "Skip Navigation Links", are a good way to improve the accessibility of a website, providing an important shortcut for keyboard users and screen readers to browse the website, without forcing them to tab (or worse read) through the whole page before getting to the content they're interested in.

Unfortunately, many designers forget to include this element in their design. Some of them do not want to use it for an aesthetic reason, some others simply ignore it. For both cases there is an easy way to fix this!

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  1. Great news Aymará! Very happy to know this post has inspired you to experiment :-)

    By Federico Capoano in First DjangoGirls Rome wrap-up & afterthoughts

  2. Hi!! I'm a Django Girls coach too. Here, in Argentina, made just what you suggested, splited the workshop in two days. The experiment went just great! Most of the girls achieved to publish the blog from ground 0. It feels great to be helpfull ...

    By Aymará in First DjangoGirls Rome wrap-up & afterthoughts

  3. Send any question to the interop-dev mailing list or open an issue on github.

    By Federico in Network Topology Visualizer: django-netjsongraph

  4. I have a question about Network Topology Collector, can you brief me pls?

    By Nasrin Akter in Network Topology Visualizer: django-netjsongraph

  5. Thanks !

    By Alois in How to speed up tests with Django and PostgreSQL

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